Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services

I was unable to attend the first career service session because I was attending a funeral of a close friend, but I found the information given Tuesday very helpful. I cant remember the name of our instructor but she was great. She helped us students get a broad understanding of exactly how we would be able to get a job after receiving a college diploma. Only 26% of the U.S population have college diplomas and of that 26% only 40% of students go directly into the work field of their college major. I was unaware of those statistics and with a degree in major such as business students find that job offerings are numerous. The instructor actually graduated with a degree in business but works as a career service advisor.
I also learned the importance of being balanced. It's not good to have good grades and not have good teamwork and leadership skills. Their was five componets to becoming successful which included teamwork, leadership, academic success, time management, and achievement of goals. A well balanced individual is able to adjust to the working enviroment and does not have many of the issues that a one-dimensional person has. Someone with a 4.0 gpa may have terrible teamwork skills which can interfere with a company's success.
Find a job that you like. It's not very compelling for a person to wake up dreading going to work each and everyday. It's better to love what you do rather than work for money. All the money in the world cannot buy happiness. Find your passion rather it be working with children, saving animals, or singing at a local sports bar.

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  1. GREAT POST! I couldn't have said most of this any better than you did.

    I agree that finding a career that makes you happy is so much more important than finding one that will make you lots of money. In the end, if you are happy doing what you do, you are more likely to be successful and the money will eventually come.

    Teamwork is also a very important concept that you learn in college. Many of your assignments will involve you working with a group of students because in reality you will have to work in groups with others once you enter the workforce. Characteristics such as social skills, leadership skills, and the ability to work well with others are extremely attractive to corporations and other companies and can compensate for a lower GPA or experience. Good job, DeVante'!

    Ms. Chutney :-)