Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Being in UT Lead is a major help in transitioning from high school to college as nine days after my graduation I was officially a college student. I had to mature and prepare myself mentally for the challenge, but so far I've been doing great. We are taking four classes which include Counselor Education, English 101 & 103 Writing Workshop, & Math 101 that will go towards a total of seven hours of college credits. We are also learning many helpful skills such as time management, study habits, and helpful campus organizations that will be very important when school begins this fall. It's also beneficial to have an opportunity to network so that there will be some familiar faces when the overwhelming 26,000 volunteers step on campus in August. Only 80 students were chosen to be a part of UT Lead and it's a honor to have been one of those individuals out of 4,200 other students. I will be a step ahead of most incoming Freshman this fall!

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  1. You are so right about being a step ahead of the other students! So take advantage of everything the program has to offer. It can be a bit overwhelming when all of the other students come back to campus, but being armed with the knowledge and skills provided in the UT Lead program will help you to be more confident in yourself and your abilities as a college student, but most importantly as a UT Volunteer!!

    Ms. Chutney :-)