Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What stands out about my college?

Life at the University of Tennessee has been fantastic so far! I've only been on campus for a week and two days and I already feel as though I love it here. Other than the terrible food that has every student running to the bathroom after every meal and the long marathon walks back and forth to each class, I honestly am proud of my decision to attend this great institution; I am just considering maybe investing in a new skateboard and a cooking class! But these two cons are things I can adjust to.
The professors that I have this summer are simply amazing! The knowledge and wisdom they give to us students is so helpful as we strive for excellence. The website www.ratemyprofessor.com is very helpful and gives a brief description and rating of each professor from fellow students. I'm very proud to say many of the professors here have outstanding ratings and great comments from students, but there are some who have bad reputations for being BUT HOLES!!
The history here at UT is remarkable and unlike that of any other college. From the dreadful Hill, to the great Neyland Stadium, to the catchy ROCKKKKKYYY TOPPPPPPPP fight song (which I am learning as we speak), all add to Big Orange Country. I am also anticipating activities such as painting The Rock and the passing of the Torch which are traditions that have been occurring at this university for decades. I am so excited about my journey I will be taking here at this university and there's no other college I would recommend for students to attend!

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  1. I am glad that you have been enjoying your time here at UT. Well, except for the food! Lol! You are the second student to talk about how bad the food here is! I admit that getting adjusted to life without your mother's cooking can be a little tough, but that is all a part of becoming an adult and learning how to finally fend for yourself. You will get the hang of it and learn how to be healthy all at the same time!!

    You also seem to have an intense amount of school spirit which is awesome! Keep up the enthusiasm because you will need it on those days where you frustrated with your classes or professors or when you think things are getting just a little too hard. UT is a wonderful institution and one that will provide you with several invaluable experiences. Make sure you take advantage of all there is to offer and enjoy yourself!

    Ms. Chutney :-)